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Bike Rental In Bangalore

How to rent a bike in Bangalore

So you're coming to Bangalore or Located in Bangalore and you're curious about to rent a bike in Bangalore. There are many bike rental available in Bangalore. Firstly, To rent a bike in Bangalore you go through the bike rental listings over internet. The best option is to find 'Bike rental in Bangalore' in Google maps. Google maps will show you the nearest, and the Best bike rental available. After you check the reviews and other relevent parameters and find the bike rental suitable as per your need.

You can easily rent a bike from the Gearz Vehicle Bike rental platform. You need to select the location, and timings as a result you will see the Scooters and Motorcycle listed. Each and every Bike listed in the portal consist of various details such as Original Photo, Model year, Deposit, Pickup Location, and Prices. Undoubtedly, the more you increase the rental duration the prices increases. After you find the bike suitable as per you need you can simply book the bike.

There are two types of prices shown on the website the token amount, and the full amount. Consequently, you can choose to pay any of the amount. Our online payment is integrated with RazorPay which provides various modes of Payment. After you book the bike, you get the booking confirmation Email. You can find the dealer contact number in the Email who will hand over the bike to you and will assist you in further process.

Popular Bike Rental Time Formats in Bangalore

The Hourly basis bike rental in bangalore starts from 50 rupees per hour. There are situations when you need Bike on rent in bangalore for an Hourly basis that is why We make sure to consider Hourly rental format on what ever bikes we rent in Bangalore. Therefore, the fleet is managed in the same way.

The Daily basis bike rental in Bangalore starts from 300 rupees per Day. Customers mostly choose daily rental Motorcycle to visit places nearby Bangalore. Generally, Royal Enfield Classis, Activa, Thunderbird, Dominar, Duke, RC are considered to be the best rental bike in Bangalore for a daily basis.

The Weekly basis bike rental in Bangalore starts from 1800 rupees per Week. Although there are various options to choose from, The Customer's best choices to rent bike a bike in Bangalore on weekly basis are Activa, Pleasure, Avenger, Ktm, Duke, Dominar.

The Monthly basis bike rental in Bangalore starts from 3000 rupees per month. Customers prefer great milage Hire Motorcycle like Splendor, Bajaj CT100, Activa, and, Jupiter. consequently, The options are added to the monthly bike rental in Bangalore fleet.

Various Bike rental categories in Bangalore

Scooter rental in Bangalore is the basic bike which is good for city riding you can fit two people on it. It is gonna range between 300 and 500 rupees. two-seater bike like scooters has lots of cargo space. It is good for city riding and some of the more long road trips. For a Weekly and Monthly rental, It's about 1900 to 5000 rupees. Ideally, if you're running for a longer time you should be able to get it for cheaper prices.

Motorcycle rental in Bangalore is a little heavy one which starts from 100 cc up to 700 cc. It cost between 300 to 1500 rupees for a day. If you get it for more than a few days we take it down to a lesser price. On Motorcycle, you do lose a little partly spaced. but you can get an extra cargo compartment for the back of it. Motorcycle more than 350 CC has a lot of power.

Bike Rental In Bangalore Location

We provide bike rental in Bangalore at various locations such as Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna - Bengaluru Railway Station, Kempegowda Bus Station (Majestic), Kempegowda International Airport, Kormagala, Marathahalli, Indiranagar, HSR Layout, Madiwala, Mg Road, Jayanagar, Hebbal, Rajaji Nagar, Kalyan Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Yasvantpur Jn, Kengeri Satellite Town, Ajantha Trinity Inn, Jayadeva Hospital Bus Stop.

Things to know before you rent a bike in Bangalore

Gearz Vehicle Bike Rental focuses a lot on customer safety at Bangalore. Our first indicator is to inspect rental bikes everywhere. Note the tire running, you want to look for a bike with new tires on it. The last thing you want to know is a bald tire that is susceptible to toppings.

The second pointer is the break. This is an important piece and the brakes should be checked properly as you want is no bad brakes or faulty brakes. The Third pointer is the Headlights and indicators. You should check if both upper and dipper lights are on, if the both left and right indicators are working.

Another nitpicking thing, which we personally check is oil. We always like to take out the dipstick and make sure that two-wheelers have enough oil. If you do not have enough oil, you do not want to take these bikes too far. This can cause the engine to explode, causing an explosion.

About Gearz Vehicle Bike Rental

Gearz Vehicle has been providing various solutions to the different categories of end-users. We have various operational platforms developed such as Bike Rental Platform, Electric Bike Rental Platform, Used Bike Valuation Calculator, Rto Agents Listings, etc. Our aim is to keep on helping Users with their various automobile needs. We have four market horizon formats, i.e. B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C.

While Gearz Vehicle is the most well-represented Rentals, there is some variety to choose for a different time duration such as Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Basis. We understand the needs of Motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure travelers. Consequently, we offer an extensive selection of well maintained petrol two wheelers such as Activa, Jupiter, Wego, Royal Enfield, Apache, Pulsar, Avenger, Dominar, KTM, Bullet, Gixxer, and Fz. We also provide electric bike on rent of various brands such as Hero, Revolt, Bajaj, Ampere, Ather, PURE EV, Benling, TVS, Joy e-bike, Okinawa, Evolet Pony, Odysse, Techo Electra, BGauss, EeVe, Lectro, Gemopai etc.

Frequently Asked Questions - Gearz Vehicle

Is fuel provided with the rental bike?
No, But we provide fuel so that customers can reach up to the petrol pump. For electric vehicles scooters are provided full charged.
What are the steps to follow to rent a bike?
Visit our online platform, choose the desired timings, pick up location, then make the secure online payment, and book the Bike.
What are all the necessary documents for bike rental?
One original ID card is required with a soft copy of the Driving License so that we can authenticate the Customer.
How much is the security deposit?
The Security deposit is mentioned with the searched bikes. security deposit is considered between 1000 and 3000.
Is roadside assistance provided during the ride?
Yes, In order to ensure the best customer experience, we always make sure to help customers with their queries.
activa5g scooty on rent in bangalore

Activa5g scooty on rent in bangalore

activa125 scooty on rent in bangalore

Activa125 scooty on rent in bangalore

avenger bike on rent in bangalore

Avenger bike on rent in bangalore

bullet classic bike on rent in bangalore

Bullet classic bike on rent in bangalore

bullet thunderbird bike on rent in bangalore

Bullet thunderbird bike on rent in bangalore

dominar on rent in bangalore

Dominar on rent in bangalore

fz bike on rent in bangalore

Fz bike on rent in bangalore

honda cbr on rent in bangalore

Honda cbr on rent in bangalore

ktm 200 duke on rent in bangalore

Ktm 200 duke on rent in bangalore

passion on rent in bangalore

Passion on rent in bangalore

platina on rent in bangalore

Platina on rent in bangalore

pulsar 160ns on rent in bangalore

Pulsar 160ns on rent in bangalore

Pulsar 200ns on rent in bangalore

Pulsar 200ns on rent in bangalore

pulsar 220 on rent in bangalore

Pulsar 220 on rent in bangalore

pulsar on rent in bangalore

Pulsar on rent in bangalore

royal enfield interceptor on rent in bangalore

Royal enfield interceptor on rent in bangalore

suzuki gixxer sf on rent in bangalore

Suzuki gixxer sf on rent in bangalore

tvs apache rtr on rent in bangalore

Tvs apache rtr on rent in bangalore

tvs jupiter on rent in bangalore

Tvs jupiter on rent in bangalore

tvs wego on rent in bangalore

Tvs wego on rent in bangalore

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