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Bike on rent services like Gearz Vehicle has helped two-wheeler hire tourism all over Pune. Inspiring blogging adventurers to travel on two wheels and far-flung places and giving commuters the chance to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

If you are headed to a Motorcycle friendly Location renting a bike is pretty much the best way to get around. what to expect depends on whether you are using a Motorcycle rental company or Two wheeler ride-sharing services.

When you rideshare for Bike hire. You buy passes that give you access to bikes docking stations all over the city. It's kind of a hop-on hop-off concept. Independently owned Bike rental platform like Gearz Vehicle gives you more person to person contact and a wider variety of bikes to choose from.

A bike that will be your trusty steed for a few days or a few weeks. whenever you rent a bike treat bike like it's yours. If you are grabbing some lunch dock or park your bike safely. We provide you 1 complimentary helmet for your safety.

Bike Rental In Various Cities

Bike Rental Models For Petrol Two Wheeler

125 Duke
125 Duke on rent
200 Duke
200 Duke on rent
250 Duke
250 Duke on rent
390 Adventure
390 Adventure on rent
42 on rent
42 ABS
42 ABS on rent
42 Bobber
42 Bobber on rent
450 Apex
450 Apex on rent
450 X
450 X on rent
450S on rent
Access 125
Access 125 on rent
Activa on rent
Activa 110
Activa 110 on rent
Activa 125
Activa 125 on rent
Activa 3G
Activa 3G on rent
Activa 4G
Activa 4G on rent
Activa 5G
Activa 5G on rent
Activa 6G
Activa 6G on rent
Activa 6G DLX
Activa 6G DLX on rent
Activa H Smart
Activa H Smart on rent
Alpha on rent
Apache 160
Apache 160 on rent
Apache RTR
Apache RTR on rent
Apache RTR 200
Apache RTR 200 on rent
Avenger 150
Avenger 150 on rent
Avenger 160
Avenger 160 on rent
Avenger 220
Avenger 220 on rent
Avenger 220 Cruise
Avenger 220 Cruise on rent
Avenis on rent
Burgman on rent
CB 200
CB 200 on rent
CB 350
CB 350 on rent
CB Hornet
CB Hornet on rent
CB Unicorn
CB Unicorn on rent
CBR 250R
CBR 250R on rent
CBZ Xtreme
CBZ Xtreme on rent
CD 110
CD 110 on rent
Chetak Premium
Chetak Premium on rent
Chetak Urban
Chetak Urban on rent
Classic 350
Classic 350 on rent
CT 100
CT 100 on rent
Destini on rent
Destini 125
Destini 125 on rent
Dio on rent
Discover on rent
Discover 125
Discover 125 on rent
DL One
DL One on rent
Dominar 400
Dominar 400 on rent
Duet on rent
E1 on rent
Electra 350
Electra 350 on rent
Faast on rent
Fascino on rent
Flex on rent
Freedom on rent
FZ on rent
FZ 16
FZ 16 on rent
Gixxer 160
Gixxer 160 on rent
Gixxer SF
Gixxer SF on rent
Glamour on rent
HF Deluxe
HF Deluxe on rent
Himalayan on rent
Himalayan Scram
Himalayan Scram on rent
Hornet on rent
Hornet 160
Hornet 160 on rent
Hunter on rent
Infinity E1
Infinity E1 on rent
Infinity E1 LE
Infinity E1 LE on rent
Infinity E1 Plus
Infinity E1 Plus on rent
Interceptor on rent
ipraise on rent
iQube on rent
Jupiter on rent
Jupiter 125
Jupiter 125 on rent
Jupiter ZX
Jupiter ZX on rent
Karizma on rent
LOEV on rent
LY on rent
Magnus on rent
Meteor on rent
Ntorq 125
Ntorq 125 on rent
Okhi 90
Okhi 90 on rent
One on rent
Optima CX
Optima CX on rent
Passion Pro
Passion Pro on rent
Photon LP
Photon LP on rent
Platina on rent
Pleasure on rent
Pleasure Plus
Pleasure Plus on rent
Primus on rent
Pulsar on rent
Pulsar 150
Pulsar 150 on rent
Pulsar 180
Pulsar 180 on rent
Pulsar 220
Pulsar 220 on rent
Pulsar AS 200
Pulsar AS 200 on rent
Pulsar NS 200
Pulsar NS 200 on rent
R15 on rent
R15 V3
R15 V3 on rent
RC 200
RC 200 on rent
RV 400
RV 400 on rent
S1 on rent
S1 Air
S1 Air on rent
S1 Pro
S1 Pro on rent
S1X on rent
SE on rent
Shine on rent
Shine 125
Shine 125 on rent
Splendor on rent
Splendor iSmart
Splendor iSmart on rent
SQ One
SQ One on rent
SR 125
SR 125 on rent
SS 125
SS 125 on rent
Storie on rent
Stunner on rent
SXL on rent
T95 on rent
Thunderbird 350
Thunderbird 350 on rent
V1 Pro
V1 Pro on rent
Vanice on rent
Vikrant on rent
X Pulse 200
X Pulse 200 on rent
Zing on rent

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not provide fuel with the rental bikes. However, we ensure that the bikes have enough fuel to reach the nearest petrol pump. For electric vehicles, scooters are provided fully charged.

To rent a bike, visit our online platform, select your desired timings and pick-up location, proceed with a secure online payment, and confirm your bike booking.

You need to provide one original ID card and a soft copy of your Driving License for authentication purposes.

The security deposit varies and is mentioned alongside the searched bikes. Typically, it ranges between 1000 and 3000.

Yes, we provide roadside assistance to ensure the best customer experience. We're here to help with any queries or issues.

Yes, helmets are provided for the safety of our customers. Wearing a helmet while riding is mandatory.

Returning the bike late may incur additional charges. Please refer to our rental policy for detailed information.

Yes, bookings can be canceled. Our cancellation policy varies based on the timing of cancellation. Please check our website for specific details.