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Bike on rent in Jawahar Nagar Near By Monilek Hospital Jaipur

Jawahar Nagar
Honda Activa 6G on rent in Jawahar Nagar Jaipur
Honda brand
year 2020
image Original image

Activa 6G on rent

Jawahar Nagar Near by Monilek Hospital
total price 499 650
Deposit price 1000
by paying now price 100 only
Highlights :
price 6999 monthly
price 2299 weekly
price 3799 half-monthly
price 499 daily (weekdays)
Jawahar Nagar
Honda CBR 250R on rent in Jawahar Nagar Jaipur
Honda brand
year 2018
image Original image

CBR 250R on rent

Jawahar Nagar Near by Monilek Hospital
total price 799 1000
Deposit price 2000
by paying now price 160 only
Highlights :
price 7799 monthly
price 4999 weekly
price 6499 half-monthly
price 799 daily (weekdays)
Long term monthly bike rental in jaipur
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Frequently Asked Questions

To rent a bike in Jaipur, visit our online platform, select your desired timings and pick-up location in Jaipur, proceed with a secure online payment, and confirm your bike booking.

No, we do not provide fuel with the rental bikes in Jaipur. However, we ensure that the bikes have enough fuel to reach the nearest petrol pump. For electric vehicles, scooters are provided fully charged.

Yes, bookings in Jaipur can be cancelled. Our cancellation policy in Jaipur varies based on the timing of cancellation. Please check our website specific to Jaipur for specific details.

Scooty: 70 km/h limit, bikes: 90 km/h limit.


You need to provide one original ID card and a soft copy of your Driving License for authentication purposes in Jaipur.

Yes, helmets are provided for the safety of our customers renting bikes in Jaipur. Wearing a helmet while riding is mandatory.

The security deposit for bike rental in Jaipur varies and is mentioned alongside the searched bikes. Typically, it ranges between 0 and 2000 in Jaipur.

Yes, it is 200 Rs per hour. Late return charges will apply, considering the impact on subsequent bookings and associated losses.

For bike rental customer support in Jaipur, please call 8815919492. Our support team is available to assist with any queries or concerns.

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